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  • Smoked Thai Coconut Curry Jerk Chicken

    Sweet cherry wood smoke accents our Thai Coconut Instant wet marinade perfectly in this smoked chicken recipe. Worth every minute of the two hour smoke this easy recipe is big on flavor and the perfect introduction to the art of smoking meat. Enjoy!
  • Reggae Spice Smashburgers

    It doesn't get much better than a burger hot off the grill! Or does it? Build your own Smashburger masterpiece with this simple recipe using our blend of Booyah Jamaican Seasoning to elevate this cookout staple.
  • Sweet and Sassy Jamaican Jerk Candied Almonds

    These crunchy salty sweet almonds are just the ticket for a quick party snack or edible gift! Wow your friends and family with this delicious and unique flavor combination that's sure to impress! The warm depth and sweet heat of our Jamaican Jerk Instant wet marinade is the perfect backdrop for a touch of honey on roasted almonds. Double your batch because once your friends and family get a taste of this one they'll be gone before you know it!
  • Jumbo Booyah Shrimp

    Apply, Cook, Eat and ... Repeat! With ReggaeSpice Booyah Jamaican Seasoning it really is THAT easy to enjoy a delicious seafood meal with little to no prep. This amazing flavor combo will take you from the backyard to the beach side in no time flat!
  • Smoked African Curry Pulled Pork

    An unexpected flavor profile elevates a barbecue classic! ReggaeSpice's African Curry Instant Wet Marinade combined with the sweetness of apple cider vinegar will take your next pulled pork sandwich to the next level.
  • Jamaican Jerk Burnt Ends

    Smoked Meat enthusiasts and barbecue lovers rejoice! Fellow grill aficionado @cookinwidkunchi shows us how he uses ReggaeSpice Sweet and Sassy Jamaican Jerk instant wet marinade to serve up some killer brisket and burnt ends. Check out the youtube tutorial for some tips and tricks on how to prep and smoke some out of this world brisket! Grilling season is in full effect with this one! 

  • French Indian Vegan Curry

    A hearty but fresh spin on a comfort food classic! ReggaeSpice French Indian Instant Wet Marinade elevates this delicious and nutritious coconut curry dish. A perfect cook ahead addition to revive your weekly meal prep goals. Plant based protein meets gourmet flavors! 
  • French Indian Apricot Crockpot Meatballs

    You can set and forget a crockpot but these are bold flavors you'll want to re-live over and over again! These store-bought hacks are sure to save on time without sacrificing flavor.

    Our ReggaeSpice French Indian Instant Wet Marinade paired with sweet apricot jam make the perfect international foil for homestyle meatballs that is sure to impress either as an appetizer on a holiday buffet, potluck, or paired with rice and salad for a quick weeknight dinner.

  • Jamaican Ground Beef Hand Pies

    These hand pies are an ode to the traditional Jamaican Beef Pattie. Using a blend of made from scratch goodness and some store bought short cuts - these pies are an easy, delicious departure from your normal meal menu. 


  • Jamaican Jerk Cheese Fondue

    “Dip” into this recipe to spice up your weekday meals!
  • Jamaican Jerk Pizza

    Try this Caribbean take on an American classic for some extra kick!
  • Easiest Crockpot Chicken Thighs

    This recipe literally couldn't be easier!